The Anthropogenic Inputs in Aquatic Systems as a Source of Pollution in Lake Victoria

Kulekana, Joyce J (2005)

Aquatic ecosystems are of vital importance considering the inter-relationships that exist between these ecosystems and terrestrial ones. However, the physico-chemical and biological characteristics of lake basins such as Lake Victoria are influenced by both natural and anthropogenic inputs. These inputs originating from catchment areas may find their way through streams, Satellite lakes, river systems and eventually enter the lake. Research conducted between September/October 2000 and March/April 2001 in selected satellite lakes around the lake Victoria basin (River Mara, Lake Kubigena and Kirumi ponds in Mara; Lake Malimbe in Mwanza and Lakes Burigi, and Ikimba in Kagera region) revealed that nutrients such as phosphates, nitrates, nitrites, ammonia and zinc tend to occur in these lakes though for most of them at levels not exceeding the recommended values in the Water Utilization (Control and regulation) Amendment Act of 1981. Since these lakes discharge into lake Victoria directly or indirectly, it makes them potential sources of pollution to the main lake Victoria. This paper relates agricultural activities around selected satellite lakes in the lake Victoria basin to the changes in the physico – chemical characteristics of satellite lakes and their potential of being a source of pollution in Lake Victoria


The anthropogenic inputs in ...

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