Survey and Mapping of Land Use/Cover and Erosion Hazard in Lake Victoria Basin

Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project (LVEMP) (2001)

This study has provided the spatial extent and magnitude of the soil erosion in the basin and identifies priority areas for immediate interventions. Such areas are referred in this report as hot-spot areas. It has also examined the main factors that have contributed to the present land use practices, and the associating environmental degradation processes, and mapped erosion hazard in the basin. It has been realized that soil erosion is one of the main processes of land degradation which lead to depletion of soil nutrients in agricultural land, and degradation of wetlands through siltation and sediment deposition. The report suggests various mitigation measures that can be implemented to minimize the risks of soil erosion in the basin. The study has confirmed that agriculture is still the backbone of the economy for the majority of the population in the basin. Despite the importance of agriculture, there has not been much technological advancement in the sector. Poor agronomic practices including extensive and shifting farming still persist and influence soil erosion processes as a result.

Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project (LVEMP)


Survey and mapping of land use, ...

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