Fisheries research component report on scientific findings July 1997 to June, 2002

Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project (LVEMP) (2007)

The Fisheries Research Component is being implemented under three sub-components namely Fisheries Biology and Biodiversity Conservation, Socio-economics, Aquaculture and Information and Database. The overall objective of the component is to generate a information for sustainable exploitation and management of the fisheries, conservation of aquatic biodiversity, integration of Lake productivity processes into fisheries management, reduction in degradation of fish habitats, involvement of communities and creation of an information center for dissemination. During the reporting period, the component produced the two regional books on fish biology (list in Appendix A), a Bibliography on Lake Victoria, and a Directory of TAFIRI scientists working under the Project. A total of 27 papers were also produced on various disciplines, these were prepared for the national and regional scientific conferences held in Mwanza and Kisumu respectively. Three more papers were published elsewhere (list in Appendix B). The book on Aquaculture potential Lake Victoria is also ready except for the final Ugandan input. A total of 30 technical reports were also produced by the component during this period (list in Appendix C). In fish biology and biodiversity, various disciplines were covered under surveys in trawlable areas using R/V TAFIRI II, in non-trawlable areas and in satellite lakes using various gears and methods. Aspects covered included fisheries biology and diversity, phytoplankton and zooplankton ecology, macro-invertebrates, physical-chemical characteristics, heavy metal analyses, etc. A special study on macrophytes was also undertaken in satellite lakes and in the main lake. In Aquaculture, experiments were performed as a collaborative study with SUA to determine the nutritive values of fish, on the effects of stocking density on growth performance of the tilapia Oreochromis variabilis (L.) fry under aquaculture conditions, on nutrition of juveniles of Oreochromis variabilis and the catfish Clarias gariepinus using locally available feed ingredients, and on the life history of the parasite Diplostomum mashonense (a parasite of fish and birds) in the Mwanza Gulf of Lake Victoria. . A culture-based conservation strategy for the endangered tilapia Oreaochromis variabilis in the Lake Victoria basin was also developed. A comprehensive aquaculture resource assessment survey involving TAFIRI and Fisheries Management Component was undertaken in 2000 with the objective of establishing the industry‟s state of the art and recommend efficient pond management strategies to fish farmers for greater pond fish production. Recommendations were given regarding aquaculture viability and extension services, pond siting and development, coordinating NGOs and CBOs, quality seed production and distribution circuits to farmers, and pond management & chemistry. The recommended way forward covered such aspects as establishment of community and institutional hatcheries, community workshops, delivery facilities, fertilization regimes, and cost-effective feeds In socio-economics, four major studies were completed. These were on literature review of socio-economic dimensions of lake Victoria, on the impact of fishing activities on resource and environmental degradation, on examining community involvement in harvesting, processing and marketing of fish, and on examining the contribution of fisheries activities to the national economy. Also, a joint survey with Fisheries Management Component was undertaken on making BMUs more effective, while a pilot study on community nutritional status, health and social amenities was also carried out in Mwanza region Technically, the Information and Database Sub-component is an information provider, enabling availability and ease of accessibility of information to scientists and other stakeholders. Hence the subcomponent is not expected to produce any scientific findings. To achieve this, the subcomponent produced a library Management Information System, a Bibliography on Lake Victoria, a Directory of TAFIRI scientists working under the Project, and developed a sample databases for storage of selected information collected through field surveys

Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project (LVEMP)


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