Nutrient input into Lake Victoria from Atmospheric Deposition: The Case of Phosphorus

Machiwa, Praxeda ; Tungu, Gogadi (2002)

Phosphorus input into lake Victoria from atmospheric deposition was estimated by setting two sampling stations: one in rural (Itumbili) and another in urban (Igogo) settings. Nutrient estimation from both wet and dry atmospheric deposition was done at Itumbili. The deposition rates ranges were: 7.6 - 􀀀 􀀀 - P.m-2.d-1 Total Phosphorus, (TP) and 4.4- -P.m-2.d-1 Soluble Reactive Phosphorus, (SRP) from dry atmospheric deposition. Results from wet atmospheric deposition at the same sampling site were: 9.2- -P.m-2.event-1 (TP) and 6.9- !#"%$&!(' )+* ,-P.m-2.event -1(SRP). At Igogo only wet atmospheric deposition rates were estimated giving the results ranging from 30.7 - 55.0 ' )+* ,-P.m-2.event-1 for TP and 14.0 - -/. 0132 4 5 6-P.m-2.event-1 for SRP. There was a statistical significant difference in TP (P<0.05) between dry and wet across the sampling locations. Mean TP for dry atmospheric deposition was 24.24 ± 7 0. 1 2 4+5 6-P.m-2.d-1 and that for wet dry atmospheric deposition was 32.5 ± 5.75. However, there was no significant variation (P=0.05) in SRP during the sampling period for the two locations between dry and wet. The SRP mean for dry atmospheric deposition was 14.74 ± 8:98%;=< >+? @-P.m-2.d-1 and for wet atmospheric deposition was 15.68 ± 8A98 BC< > ? @-P.m-2.event

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