Factors Influencing Involvement of Local Communities in the Fishing Industry in Lake Victoria, Tanzania: From Production to Marketing

Kisusu, RW ; Onyango, PO ; Haule, T ; Salehe, M (2006)

A large number of local communities surrounding Lake Victoria in Mara, Kagera and Mwanza regions in Tanzania earn their living from fishing industry. The industry is based on various types of fishes but Nile perch and sardines are the most predominant species. Through sample size of 432 respondents, selected randomly from those regions, factors influencing involvement of local communities in the fishing industry have been identified. The identifications are based on descriptive statistics and logistic regression models. The results on fishing production show that several factors influence positively involvement in fishing industry. Among them are ability to fish and significant (p<0.10), household size and significant (p<0.05). Those influencing negatively are also several. This includes number of dependants in the household and significant (p<0.10). Factors influencing involvement of fish processors are many. This includes household size and significant (p<0.10) while negatively is age of household head and significant (p<0.10). Similarly, factors influencing marketing are long list. Influencing positively is household size and significant (p<0.01). Negatively are number of dependants and age of household head and significant at 0.01 and 0.05 levels respectively. It is concluded that socio-economic factors such as abilities, sensitisation through education, transportation (distance from the beach to nearest town), gender and household size, district and tribe be considered in depth as they influence involvement of local communities in the fishing industry. Along side these factors, it is recommended to know the effect of involving local communities in the industry, especially on the management of the lake Victoria through using policy, regulations and laws.

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Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project (LVEMP)


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