The Contribution of Lake Victoria Fisheries to the Economy of Tanzania

Kulindwa, Kassim (2004)

This study focuses on the importance of Lake Victoria fisheries activities to the national economy in terms of employment generation, income generation, and government revenue. The economic linkage effect analytical framework has been used to trace and determine the interdependence among sectors as markets for inputs and outputs. Results from primary data collected indicate that Lake Victoria Nile Perch (NP) fisheries activities are an important economic activity at three levels namely; household level, private sector level and government level. The importance ranges from providing nutritious food to subsistence fishermen and population in general, income generation to small retail fish businesses, capture of considerable resource rents by fish traders and big fish processors and exporters of NP, also employment to a significant number of people both directly and indirectly. However, much needs to be done before small-scale fishers and the nation as a whole derives the optimal benefit from this industry

Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project (LVEMP)


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