Mara River Basin Integrated Natural Resource Management

Lake Victoria Basin Commission (2012)

LVBC has been implementing Mara River Basin Transboundary Water for Biodiversity and Human Health (in the Mara River Basin Project (TWBHH-MRB) in Mara river Basin since 2009. The project focus include: To promote trans-boundary management framework for Mara River Basin; To improve protection and management of Mau forest resources and Mara riverine forests; To promote improved management of protected areas of Maasai Mara and Serengeti ecosystems; To improve water resources management in the basin; and to improve institutional capacity building of the Lake Victoria Basin Commission to undertake its regional mandate. In this project Integrated Natural Resource Management (INRM) has been key in its strategic interventions. The promotion of INRM is a critical aspect to enhance ecosystem resilience, provide benefits to the communities, enhance community participation, multi-stakeholder linkages and sustainability of such initiatives. Best practices have emerged out of these experiences both in Mara and many areas of the world. However, some of this information is not documented and thus not available to a wider range of stakeholders within Mara River Basin

Lake Victoria Basin Commission


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