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    • Buffering capacity studies in a rural and an urban wetland in Lake Victoria catchment, Uganda 

      Busulwa, H; Mafabi, P; Malinga, A; Kyambadde, R; Ssekamate, J (1Wetlands Inspection Division, Ministry of Water, Lands and Environment, P. O. Box 9629, Kampala Uganda. 2 Chemistry Department, Makerere University, P. O. Box 7062, Kampala, Uganda, 2006)
      Wetlands are known to filter water from catchments by retaining solid waste and eroded sediments from catchment areas. They reduce the impact of flooding, speed of flow, and hence store water while releasing it slowly. ...
    • Experiences of Rattan cane (Calamus deeratus) propagation trials in Uganda 

      Kalungi, Evans; Kiwazi, F; Busulwa, H; Mafabi, P (Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project (LVEMP), 2004)
      Rattan cane (Calamus deeratus) mainly found in the natural wetland forests and is harvested for use in making of baskets, cords and furniture. While its natural stock levels are decreasing, rattan cane use for the ...
    • Traditional wetland practices in rural communities in Uganda 

      Iyango, L; Kiwazi, F; Tindamanyire, T; Kaganzi, E; Busulwa, H; Mafabi, P (Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project (LVEMP), 2005)
      One of the major ways to develop policies and guidelines for sustainable use of wetlands is through a better understanding of their traditional uses. This is because traditional management systems are based on indigenous ...