HIV Sero-behavioural Study In Two Agricultural Plantations In Lake Victoria Basin, Kenya

Lake Victoria Basin Commission (2010)

The HIV and AIDS pandemic remains a global public health challenge. By the year 2009, an estimated 33.3 million people were living with HIV and there were 2.6 million new infections in the same period. Sub-Saharan Africa remains the most affected region, accounting for over two-thirds of the 33.3 million people living with HIV in 2009 and three-quarters of the HIVrelated deaths that occurred in the same year. In Kenya, there was a decline in HIV prevalence from 10% in mid 90s to below 7% in 2009 with an increase in the number of people receiving antiretroviral treatment. The National AIDS Control Council (NACC), housed within the Office of the President provides leadership of the national response to HIV&AIDS by coordinating the multiple sectors. The Ministries of Health (MoH), through the National AIDS and STI Control Programme (NASCOP) spearhead the interventions on the fight against HIV/AIDS by coordinating implementation of technical programs. The Kenya National AIDS Strategic Plan III (KNASP III), covering the period 2009/10 to 2012/13 that was developed by NACC guides the implementation of HIV and AIDS interventions in Kenya.




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