Leadership Change at LVBC

Lake Victoria Basin Commission (2011)

During the period April-June 2011, we bid farewell to the former Executive Secretary of the Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC) Dr. Tom Okurut and welcomed Dr. Canisius Kanangire who commenced his fi ve-year tenure of duty in June 2011. In this issue, Dr. Kanangire summarises his vision to scale-up the Commission’s achievements during the next fi ve years. One of the biggest achievements during the last quarter was the signing of the Grant Protocol of Agreement between the East African Community (EAC) and the African Development Bank (AfDB) as well as the subsequent signing of Subsidiary Grant Transfer Agreements between the EAC Secretariat and each of the fi ve Partner States to commence the implementation of the physical infrastructural works for the Lake Victoria Water Supply and Sanitation (LVWATSAN) Programme Phase II. The details of this landmark project are part and parcel of this Issue. The Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project Phase II (LVEMP II) was also blessed with the coming on board of the Republic of Burundi and the Republic of Rwanda after completing the necessary preparatory procedures. We bring you summary information on this progress. Finally, management has introduced a “Partners Forum” to allow all institutions and stakeholders working towards the sustainable development agenda of the Lake Victoria Basin to make contributions to this newsletter. The Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development as well as Vi Agroforestry have honoured this section with its fi rst two contributions. I wish you good reading.

Lake Victoria Basin Commission


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