Impact of long-lasting insecticidal-treated nets (LLINs) and artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs) measured using surveillance data, in four African countries: preliminary report based on four country visits

World Health Organization, Global Malaria Program (2008-01-31)

This preliminary report is due on 31 January 2008 to the Global Fund from WHO about visits to four African countries. In the original plan devised with the Global Fund, WHO planned to visit 16 districts by the end of 2007. Because of the wishes of Ministries of Health (MOH) in Ethiopia and Rwanda, the number of health facilities visited increased from 16 to 30. In addition, national datasets from Zambia, and district datasets from two districts in Zambia by health facility became available. With the increased amount of data, it has been difficult to finish the analysis and writing in just three weeks (time available after visits were finish before Christmas and the end of the holiday season). As we more fully examine the data after 31 January 2008, we expect additional findings to emerge, but believe that the main messages will not change. For this preliminary report, we concentrated on in-patient ("hospitalized") malaria cases and deaths in children <5 years, the age group with the highest mortality rate due to malaria. As we extend our analysis, we will add more information on older age groups, out-patient cases, laboratory data, measures of dispersion, and other more in-depth analyses.



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