EAC development strategy (2016/17 - 2020/21): accelerating a people-centered and market-driven integration

EAC (2018-03)

The 5th EAC Development Strategy for the period 2016117-2020/21 outlines the broad strategic development objectives that the Community will pursue during the next five years in line with the Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community and the EAC Vision 2050. Formulation of the Strategy has taken into account the obligations of the Community within the development frameworks at intra and inter-regional, continental and global levels (EAC Partner States, COMESA, SADC, AU Agenda 2063 and the Post-2015 UN Development Agenda). The overall goal of the 5th EAC Development Strategy is to build a firm foundation for transforming the East African Community into a stable, competitive and sustainable lower-middle income region by 2021. To realise this goal, the Community shall focus on seven (7) key priority areas, namely i) consolidation of the Single Customs Territory (SCT); ii) development of regional infrastructure; iii)enhancement of free movement of all factors of production as envisaged under the Common Market and Monetary Union Protocols; iv) enhancement of regional industrial development; v) improvement of agricultural productivity; vi) promotion of regional peace, security and good governance; and vii) institutional transformation at the regional and Partner State levels. The Community shall therefore devote to the pursuit of programs, projects and other interventions aimed at accelerating a peoplecentred and market-driven integration that will also facilitate faster and more sustainable socioeconomic development and transformation of the EAC region. On behalf of the Summit of EAC Heads of State, I appreciate and applaud the good work that has been undertaken by the Organs and Institutions of the Community in producing this Development Strategy. I also appreciate the financial support provided by the Partnership Fund and GIZ, the guidance provided by the Council of Ministers, inputs by the stakeholders and development partners, the expertise by REEV Consult International in the formulation of the 5th EAC Development Strategy. Effective implementation of the 5th EAC Development Strategy will steer the region to greater heights of regional and international competitiveness, and boost the welfare and prosperity of the people of East Africa. Our respective Governments are fully committed to the implementation of this Development Strategy .

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5th EAC Development Strategy- ...

5th EAC Development Strategy - ...

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