Preliminary investigation into the haematology of adult protopterus annectens (Owen) in Nigeria. (Short communication)

Otuogbai, T. D. S. ; Ekhelar, A. J. (2000)

HaematologicaI values other than mean cell haemoglobin concentration, were consistently higher in the male Protopterus annectens(O) than the female. These all showed significant linear correlation with weight at 5% level (P<O.05) in both sexes. The low platelet count when compared with the rapidity of agglutination in this fish suggests the possession of other biochemical factor that enhances blood clotting. If useful haematological values of pathological importance. are to be established factors capable of influencing these need be investigated. Previous reports show that factors such as diets, sex, age, maturity stage, exposure to metals, etc. influence fish haematology (Fishman et al., 1986; Kori - Siakpere, 1991). The more we understand the effects of these factors, the easier for us to solve pathological problems. The present investigation, which examined the correlation between weight, sex and haernatological parameters and how these could be useful in ichthyopathological studies, is intended to form a basic framework on which more fundamental research could be conducted



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