Regional strategic framework for e-immigration 2014/15-2019/20

EAC (2014-08-23)

In order for the EAC to fully exploit the benefits of ICT, it calls for the Partner States to further align ICT investments to the current core processes of implementing the Common Market Protocol. As a result, the EAC has come up with the Regional Strategic Framework for e-Immigration 2014/15-2018/19 period, that identifies the e-Immigration Strategic path spelling out its vision, mission, strategic objective, specific objectives, implementation pillars, critical success factors, and a roadmap for implementation. We are all aware that the path to achieving effective use of ICT is a big challenge and as such, it requires change of mindsets at all levels, a strategic partnership with the Private Sector, Civil Society, Academia, Development Partners and the participation of citizens as stakeholders. Inter-alia, it will involve thorough examination and review of existing and new immigration functions, simplification, and re-engineering of procedures. The EAC is committed to the delivery of immigration services in a more effective and efficient manner.



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