The African Journal of Tropical Hydrobiology and Fisheries with online and printed version numbers of ISSN 2226-4647 and ISSN 0002-0036 respectively, publishes papers on any aspects of hydrobiology or fisheries with relevance to Africa. These include topics such as: fish and fisheries, freshwater and marine biology, limnology/oceanography, parasitology, fisheries economics and social sciences, fish processing, aquatic weeds, rural fisheries development, fishing gear technology, aquaculture, and other fields in the aquatic sciences. In addition to the full-length papers, short notes, conference reviews and book reviews are also published. Submitted manuscripts go through rigorous review process by independent referees before they can be accepted for publication. After manuscripts have been accepted for publication, editorial team goes through the manuscripts mainly for quality check before they are cleared for public consumption. The Journal was established in 1971 and LVFO Secretariat is the custodian of the journal .

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